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      Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice. Here at Round-1 Fitness, our goal is to provide you with the necessary products you need to achieve your goal of a healthier active life. Whether you work out at home or your local gym, we have the products you need. Our variety of apparel and accessories makes it easy to shop for stylish and performance-driven apparel and fitness accessories without skipping a beat. Round-1 fitness is your one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs!

      Our Mission

      Our mission is simple – At Round-1 Fitness, we will support your needs for a healthy lifestyle change and a more active you!
      In order to achieve that, we will offer you quality materials and modern designs with superior comfort with all our apparel products. Round-1 fitness will help you look good, feeling good, and prepare you for your fitness adventure.

      Our Vision

      As a dedicated fitness team, we bring years of experience to the table in knowing just what fitness enthusiasts look for in their products, accessories, and their clothing. With that in mind, we want to ensure that the products we sell help to amplify performance, while delivering a quality look and feel that makes a difference regardless of whether your fitness experience is at home, at a physical gym, or outside.

      Our Story

      “I started my business with the inspiration from my upbringing and experiences with my father. My youth consisted of playing track and field, soccer, football, baseball, and swimming. Growing up in a boxing gym, I watched my father, a professional boxing manager, volunteer as a cornerman and coach for the American boxing team in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. His exposure to the importance of fitness had a large influence on my life, and I continue to strive to stay involved in healthy and physical activities.  At an older age, I began playing rugby. Rugby, like all my adventures with sports and fitness, reminds me that I am alive and a healthy lifestyle is a choice I choose to live.